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because family is everything

Imagine HOSKY had a son… oh wait, actually he has 1501 of them!
Just like Gerolamo Cardano’s birth year, what a coincidence!
Check out this extremely pawsome CNFT collection including our favourite doggy style (whoops, did we say that?!) pics with a deep Cardano taste included. 

Pay-in minting wallet:


1 CNFT = 40 ADA | 2 CNFTs = 80 ADA | 3 CNFTs = 120 ADA | 4 CNFTs = 160 ADA | 5 CNFTs = 200 ADA (send appropriate amount of ADA and get CNFTs in return)

project Overview


Ahem… social action-adventure?

Release Date

To be announced


Hosky’n’Sons Club



They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re hus…Hoskys! These doggies wanted to be the wise ones. A few have aspirations to become scientists and pass University with flying colours to provide peer-reviewed research papers. A few others are focused more on students’… parties. Which one would you get? Which one suits you best? Try your luck and mint one! 

That’s not all! Every NFT makes you eligible to receive a certain amount of $HCLUB tokens for future use in our ecosystem, voting, DAO governance…

We see multiple partnerships opportunities as the Cardano ecosystem is all about friends & family – and we are totally a part of it!  



Pre-release (Q4 2021/Q1 2022)

- brainstorming
- hand-drawing all the artwork, digitalization
- website design + launch
- NFT collection drop preparation 

Q2 2022

- initial NFT drop
- awareness campaign, growing social media
- competitions
- Hoskynsons.Club DAO Vault launch
- $HCLUB tokenomics

Q3 2022

- $HCLUB token - Cardano Native Token release for HODLers
- $HCLUB utility
- governance voting
- strengthening the brand
- bonus program for Cardano-related tokens HODLers

Q4 2022

- $HCLUB merchandise shop
- governance voting rounds


Q5... I mean 2023

- Hoskynsons.Club in metaverse (still waiting for Cardano-focused providers)
- Our imagination is the limit...

33% SOLD

T-shirt raffle! Get a T-shirt with your CNFT delivered to your door

66% SOLD

Snowflake, snowflake, little snowflake... Oh, no, it's ADA dropping from the air! 3 lucky HODLers will receive 100 ADA each (not a requirement but could be used for sweeping future floor!)

100% SOLD

Rock on! Honorary #CNFT transferred to The Man himself (you know who we're talking about!). Raffle: 10 HODLers get another Hoskynson! 


We believe... no, we KNOW that we are still early in crypto space and especially in the Cardano ecosystem. This is the time to create great things and great communities.  Projects with utility. Let's make this collection unique together.
... and we have some pawsome ideas, naturally! 

$HCLUB Cardano Native Tokens are utility tokens of the HOSKY'N'SONS CLUB created by us, the community. Every minted CNFT makes you eligible to get $HCLUB tokens. All NFTs yield the same amount of $HCLUB tokens regardless of traits and rarity. $HCLUB tokens have no economic value and are only used within the HOSKY'N'SONS Club ecosystem. More details coming soon



Hoskynsons.Club Vault

50% of initial raise goes to dedicated HCLUB Vault for marketing, future initiatives and  HODLers rewards.  

Royalties income

Half of royalties from NFT marketplaces trading  go to the Hoskynsons.Club vault, growing the Community Fund pool (details TBD).

Vault Farming

Part of ADA from HCLUB Vault is split over top Cardano Yield protocols to maximize returns.


Yield farming and staking from day 1, with continous influx of royalties allow for stable and sustainable growth of Hoskynsons.Club impact on Cardano Community.   


NFT Owners can decide which initiatives should the Vault support, how is the income divided and which path should the project follow.


The Fun Never Stops

Thanks to a sustainable economy, Hoskynsons.Club Community shall only grow stronger and expand, bringing more and more incentives for NFT Owners.

Chew Barka

Chew Barka

Guy that came up with the idea. Rumour has it he's been involved in Cardano for ages. But hooke... who cares.

Bark Twain

Bark Twain

Blockchain consultant, knows a lot about stuff but for unknown reason he's focused on Cardano.

Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck

IT guy. Pretends to be the wise one. His wide NFT portfolio contradicts it.

Snicker Doodle

Snicker Doodle

The artist. Runs his own creative agency. But he didn't want to pay for an ad here so we won't mention the name. His loss.

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